Giant: Citizens Kabuto

Anyone play this? Any good? I just picked it up for PS2 for $10. Armed and Dangerous(same company) was fun.

it's a pretty cool game. Very funny.

It's basically part one of Armed and Dangerous or should I say Armed and Dangerous is part 2...ah whatever! If you liked armed and dangerous you'll like this game. It's funny as hell.

I've played on PC...very cool it and another game in a bundle for like $8. Best deal ever

Sweet. Once I'm done finals I will allow myself to become obsessed.

This is a really great game. I think thats a patch you can use to make the blue girl topless, which was initially intended.

And there's a bug in the Kabuto level, him laying his eggs. You need to patch it up.

Yup. Pure mayhem is fun!