Giant Silva - BJJ in Newark NJ ?

So in his post fight interview, Giant Silva said that he has been training in BJJ at a school in the "Ironbound" section of Newark. That area is indeed a big Brazilian / Portugese populated area.

Anyone have any idea of what school it is that he was talking about ? Teacher ? Affiliation ?


*shrugs shoulders*

I believe it was a Renzo Gracie affiliate, although I didn't catch the guy's name or recognize it. His cornerman did wear a Gracie shirt into the arena and made sure to jump in front of the cameras afterwards with it.

I know there is a BJJ teacher named Jamie Cruz in that area, however, I thought he was in West Orange, and was affiliated with Royler Gracie. I could be wrong here.

Ricardo Almeida's school is in South Jersey, and Renzo's school is in NYC.


Ricardo Bittencourt is a Renzo affiliate in Newark.

They mentioned Bittencourt (I think he was the guy that hugged silva in the ring after the fight).

Jamie Cruz, who holds his Black Belt under Renzo Gracie has his academy in Bergenfield, New Jersey.

Ricardo Bittencourt is a Brown Belt under Renzo Gracie and teaches with his brother Romulo Bittencourt who is a Black Belt. Ricardo's Academy is located in Newark, New Jersey.

I believe he trained at Bittencourts.

He trains at the Renzo Gracie Newark Academy. Its on Monroe St. Ricardo and Romolo Bittencourt are his instructors.

Giant Silva musta stuck out like a sore thumb in Newark. You can bet your ass that the brovas didn't want to mess w/ him.

Yeah, when he can nearly drop Heath Herring by slapping him on top of his head, I don't think your average person would want to feel that.

Yes he trains at the school I go to. It is taught by Rommilo's brother Ricardo most of the time cause Rommilo is going to Cuba soon for two years (hes in the National Guard) I was training with Silva before the fight and yes he is a funny and nice guy. His son also trains there is really cool. And no he isnt a giant too he is like normal height. Im gonna tell him about Giant Jiu-Jitsu though!

Its an awesome atmosphere, everybody is friend and the guys there are great. You guys should stop by some time.


thanks for the info

It's true, Giant Silva does train with the Bittencourts. Both brothers are
great guys and run a fantastic school. Tonight they hosted a Fabio
Leopoldo seminar as well.


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