Giant Silva vs Wes Sims

Who loses and why?

I think they would headbutt and KO each other, disqualifying both fighters and they would both lose!


yes call me crazy but i also would like to see it. in pride of course.

wes has more skill, but still might lose

I was laughing before I even came onto the thread. The Title was HILARIOUS. It was even funny inside.

What a great deal.

Train wreck.

The Battle for Bartertown.

Isn't this kind of like asking "Which one stinks more: dog shit or horse shit?"

Either way, you're left with shit.......

wouldnt want to see it

wouldnt want to see it

Excellent first post, maxedout93!

Twice as effective, even......

I hate to admit it, but I kinda DO wanna see it(lowers head in shame).

Get a featherweight fighter hooked into a harness at their upper backs, blindfold them and have a master/blaster match.

I'd love to see this fight. Giant Silva is actually quite a bit bigger than Wes Simms, especially in girth, but I'd say that Simms is faster and has more endurance than Silva and is probably more skilled as well. Not that Simms has a lot of skill, because he doesn't, it's just that Silva skill level is so low that he could make Simms looks like Sakuraba or Frank Shamrock by comparison.

Giant Silva by kimura.

yes in a loser leaves town strap match, or a hair versus hair match

Oh! The double knock out!!!!!!!!!!

Silva would win easily. Silva went three rounds with Herring, Wes would last a couple mins. They both have ounces of skill but Giant is just too big and Wes' paper mache chin isn't gonna hold up.

As much as I hate Silva and freakshow matches like this.........I would be watching, and more likely, be laughing.