Giant-super-duper-mega news!!!

Will be announced in the future.

You should get a job writing fortune cookies.

I'd love to get a fortune cookie like that!

I can't take it!! *rips off someones head and feasts on the gooey stuff inside* TELL ME!!

Rumour has it that mma will be legalized in Windsor at casinos. Is this true?


I see how it works now...........

MZA has just copyrighted his favorite sub "the dirty sanchez".

I heard that thongs will be all the rage at the next UFC and that Sprawl has the market cornered on them and Tapout is freaking.

Today guys!

I doubt its that Dougie, the Windsor thing!



What city do you live in?

And MMA "almost" happened in Windsor...

I live in London, just up the road but I have lived in Windsor. At Huron Church and Wyndotte. Also i lived in St Clair beach on Riverside with my friend for a bit.

Tell me about this "almost?"

K, now you're just being a sarcastic prick


How old are you? I grew up in Tecumseh.

I was working on putting on a show there about a year ago. Like I said, it almost happened, but didn't want to take a chance of having the show shut down. Everybody was supporting it though.

I also live in Windsor. Beside the old casino not the boat l am drunk and cant remember the name. Great party city.

I'm 33, will be 34 this year in October. (That's so all of you can remember and get me a different present than you did last year)

I lived in Windsor for 2 years.

ttt 4 fighting crim code 83! Fight the power!

It would have been a great show. Lot's of local support, casino, mayor, advertising, etc. Who knows, maybe one day...

Don't give up on it!

It's a waiting game at this point.

You want I should pay someone a visit?

I leave sock puppets in people's beds. It's not as scary as finding a horse's head...or is it?

(insert manical laughter here)