Gibson Les Paul Studio

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I know someone that has a '92 Gibson les paul studio that he is thinking of selling. It is played but not abused. No cracks or damage that I can see. He has no idea what to sell it for. What do you think would be a good price?

$500-800 for a good condition LP studio,more if it is a gold hardware or soapbar pickup model in excellent condition.

Thanks racerX. While I'm on the subject of guitars, what are some larger neck sized electrics? Most strats have a nut size of 1 and 5/8th right?

1 and 5/8" nut width would be a "vintage" Fender width. The most common nut width is 1 and 11/16". Some older Charvel guitars with the Strat headstock (back when Wayne Charvel was building them) had a 1 and 3/4 nut width. That's quite a bit of neck! If you want to get crazy about it, they make a 1 and 7/8" nut width for 7 string guitars that can be drilled for six tuners

Warmoth Guitars will make just about any neck shape you want. You just have to know what to ask for. ;)

I may have to go for one of those 1 7/8 width necks.

How wide would that be at the bridge.

I've seen two width sizes in floyd roses but I wonder if the wider neck would cause probems at the bridge end..........or does it taper less so you can use a standard width bridge?

You bring up a very good point,Ponyboy.

As nut width, or more importantly, string spacing at the nut increases, the width at the heel does not. This means that a regular Fender spaced bridge, which leaves the strings fairly close to the edge of a vintage neck, would have strings hanging off the edge if the strings were much further apart at the nut.

The solution is to use a nut slightly narrow for the neck width and a bridge with little less space between strings. In my experience, the right combination will give you adequate edge clearance that remains parallel the length of the fingerboard.

Racer X. Any idea how much a mid-eighties silver Les Paul Studio-Lite might be worth? If I remember correctly, the majority of them where pink.

They were the thinner Les Pauls.

colby, most of the time you can take the street price(not suggested retail,what it really sold for) of an instrument, half it,and between there and 75% of the original price will be the used price, depending on condition and rarity.

For anything that is a legitimate limited run or collectable guitar, there is no rule.

Opinions on "Chromalite" (balsa) in les pauls.

Ponyboy, I guess it's better than a hollow chamber.

Hey RX, what are the differences between the les paul Studio/Standard/custom?

Studio=no binding,rosewood fingerboard(except on a couple colors), probably lesser grade of wood on most of them. Opaque finished examples may have cosmetic flaws in the wood such as mineral stains.

LP standard=higher grade of maple in top,sigle ply binding(top and fingerboard only) rosewood fingerboard.

LP Custom= multi-ply binding,front,rear,fingerboard,and headstock. ebony fingerboard, 3 pickups on some.

If you go to Gibsons website,you'll find that there are a LOT of different Les Paul models these days,so it's hard to say what all the differences are. I'm not sure there is even a LP Custom made now except for Historic editions.

For example,a Les Paul Standard LE with an ebony fingerboard: