Gideon Ray / Mark Miller fight 2morrow...

XFO is tomorrow w/ the following fights w/ my picks. What are yours?

Gideon Ray vs Daniel Stratos: RAY by TKO

Mark Miller vs Levon Maynord: MILLER by KO


LeVon Maynard won by TKO, and Gideon Ray lost all three rounds.

It was a very fun show.

any more detais? link?

yeah, more results?

what has happened to gideon ray?

ttt for results

ttt for Daniel Strauss taking it to Gideon Ray. Huge win for Daniel!

155-Daniel Straus vs. Gideon Ray - Daniel Straus by Unan Dec.
170-Mark Miller vs. LeVon Maynard - LeVon Maynard by TKO (rd 2 I think)
135-Yusup Saadulaev vs. Jeremy Pender - Yusup Saadulaev via Submission (Keylock/Americana rd.1)
185-Ryan Sturdy vs. Dan Bolden - Ryan Sturdy by Submission (rear naked choke rd. 1)
HVY-Boban Simic vs. Alex Rozman - Boban Simic by Submission in Rd. 3 (I think)
170-Kevin Nowaczyk vs. Matt Tobie - Matt Tobie
155-Whitney Waddel vs. Chris Garcia - Chris Garcia
145-Bobby Reardanz vs. TBA - Can't Remember

135-Joey Diehl vs. Jake Gilski - Joey Diehl via Submission (Rear Naked Choke rd. 1)
145-Casey Irvin vs. Chris Miller - Can't Remember
170-Blaine Podkowa vs. TBA - Blaine Podkowa via TKO rd 2
185-Craig Paneo vs. TBA - Cant remember
145-Jeff Lavallee vs. Arty Hong - Jeff Lavallee via KO rd 1
HVY-Josh Estrada vs. TBA - Pretty sure Estrada won
155-Steve Bingham vs. Martin Villafuerte - Martin Villafuerte via Unan Decision

The afterparty at spybar was off the hook ;)

Anybody know how Matt Tobie beat Kevin Nowaczyk? Can't believe Meat Missile lost again...

 God bless Gideon Ray that he is still fighting. goof for you Gideon

Mister Bri - Anybody know how Matt Tobie beat Kevin Nowaczyk? Can't believe Meat Missile lost again...

2nd round TKO

if Boban gets a sub i'll give you a dollar