gif) Brutal KO from Ukraine

Vitaly Bigdash KO's Dmitri Emets at Oplot Challenge 87  11/9/13



sure has been a ton of spinning shit lately.

fuck that was fast...brutal gnp after.

It was the shots after that were the most brutal. Should've stopped it before the last shot(s) imo. Phone Post 3.0

Is that real time? Incredible

Russians are cold man. Watch the crowd. People barely even react. Phone Post 3.0

Damn Severn. Phone Post 3.0

King Trav - Russians are cold man. Watch the crowd. People barely even react. Phone Post 3.0

you see that shit on your front yard everyday in russia.

Accurate thread title Phone Post 3.0

This is what happens when I don't watch Oplot

Man its crazy how much MMA has changed. Phone Post

Accuracy. Both in the fight and the title. Phone Post

its like generations of vodka drinking have imparted some kind of invincibility to the russian inner ear.  russian women must have rifled vaginas so babies come out corkscrewing from birth.

i'm talking to this girl at a bar.  bellator is playing.  except the crowd (including the girl) is incredibly bohemian.  there's an art fair and my buddy is debuting a documentary he did about the two brothers responsible for an underground comic/zine.  just set dressing man, letting you know this is -not-- bellator's targeted demographic.

i'm talking to this girl and she can see me looking over her shoulder.  we're talking about modern dance, bob fosse, some real esoteric hipster shit and i keep peeking at the tv, making me look like a real bonehead.  she flicks a glance at the screen and her lip tugs upward in disgust.

"'re probably a faaaan of this."  the tone is playful but loaded with judgement, she is a hipster after all.

"yes."  i said, "especially when they spin.  in fact if you turn around right now you'll see this guy spin and he is going to keep spinning until the fight is over."

so she turns around and what does she see?  shlemenko's bellator debut.  dude is out spinning a sufi.  dude has more revolutions per minute than west africa.  

"see?  it's just like the dancing we were talking about."

she got it.  i mean, she understood.  then i fell in love with her.  then i never saw her again. 




ukraine the new russia? Phone Post 3.0

jmont - ukraine the new russia? Phone Post 3.0

that's a fair point but let's face it, they probably both watch the same tv shows.

and by 'tv shows' i mean, 'actual ruthless vodka fueled bum fights.'


forget if i posted this one from last week 



Brutal G'n'P damn!

But the last one is ridiculous, as in ridiculous BAD REF!!! WTF was he waiting for?

King Trav - Russians are cold man. Watch the crowd. People barely even react. Phone Post 3.0

This. All those videos of that meteor that struck russia just had those crazy russians talking like it was an every day thing. The other day I watched a video of two dudes driving on aroad and they took a turn a bit too fast and didnt make it, drove into a goddamn pond or river or something and I swear their heart beats didnt even increase a little. Just kept talkin like nothin happened. Dudes are the coldest of the cold.

Cant wait to continue see this surge of ruskies making waves in mma.

another one just now at Oplot