GIF of Forrest crying ?

if the guy wants to fuckin cry, big deal.  Who cares?  does that make him any worse a fighter? 


your all wrong...

im right

read my previous posts..

somehow...all your responses fall into my category....

Forrest always acts nonchalant and has that "we're gonna swing for the fences and someone is gonna get knocked out" persona but that seems like a cover. alot has been invested in him and he obviously feels alot of pressure. Plus the fact that he has to make it on heart and will rather than skill and natural gifts and he probably knows that.

People who say "what pressure? he's got money, he can get laid" blah blah blah...probably don't train to fight. Or at least don't take it very seriously.

Some fighters will only go so far to win a fight. Understandably. They will tap out when caught or even when they feel overwhelmed, but they have their limits of what they're willing to go through. Guys like forrest will go through whatever they have to everytime they fight and they're usually the best fighters to watch, think arturro gatti, chris leben and so on...

anyways, i just felt most of the posts on here were pretty cold, like cheer for the guy when he's on top but turn your back on him as soon as he shows any weakness.

Anyone giving Forrest shit is either a dickhead or has never truely put their heart and soul into something.

" Hopefully, people will not continue using this "You wouldn't say that to his face" absurdity."

It's part of the Rules here fucknuts

And if you really don't think there would be some repercussions if you went up to Forrest and said "haha, you were crying like a baby", I'd advise you not to try it.

You don't think Tito, if not one of his buddies with him, would smack you in your troll talking jaw if you went up to him talking shit like that? 

But we'll never know, since the net gives freedom of assholeness to a new kind of bully who are getting revenge for all the girls who said no and jocks who put them in lockers. 

"Occupation: sales rep/sunglasses"

Great Ryan, but when I see a tear stream down your face cause your asst. manager job at Sun Glass Hut in the Mall didn't offer you maternity leave, I'll remind you of this post.

The rich mens too crying

Fighting and crying should never be associated together.

if you ever faught you'd know the kind of emotion that runs through you win or lose..

TOO MUCH CRYING in mma. My girlfriend watches TUF with me and she's always remarking at how these guys are a bunch of crybabies. I understand disappointment and such, but there is no need to cry like a 5-year-old.

Don't criticize a man for crying unless you're sure he couldn't make you cry.

guy puts his heart and soul into the sport and gets emotional after a loss. i see absolutely no problem with it.

lol @ the internet tough guys.

Listen to all the "hardmen" behind keyboards criticising fighters who show emotion. Fucking ironic.

Has Forrest ever been knocked out in his career? If this is the first time he's suffered a knockout, I don't blame him for being upset (not that I would cry about it).

Big props to Jardine, though. He looked better than he has in previous fights. I wonder if he's worked on his conditioning too? Anywho, good win and keep up the good work.

Horn ko'd him with a leg kick to the neck

Some welling up and a couple of tears are fine. But full out it for funerals.

Dude was crying like Jardine stole his bike. And I like Forrest.

a lot of fighetrs/ Athletes cry, but he threw a tantrum. Thats what people are making fun of. I mean i can undertsand his frustration, but he really did go over the top. He probably never thought he could lose. Thought he was on the fast track to a title shot, and in all reality if he won that figth he probably would have gotten it.

" Fighting and crying should never be associated together."

What's the last PPV you co headlined?

" a lot of fighetrs/ Athletes cry, but he threw a tantrum."

Tantrum?  He fell to his ass and let loose his emotions. 

But by all means, you UFC stars who have fought to get in line for a title shot, tell me how it feels.