Gif of kid dancing at baseball game?

Anybody have it? I've seen it on here before and it's incredible. I can't find a gif of it online. Phone Post 3.0


Google search "world cup kid dancing gif". Phone Post 3.0

SnapLocally -

Haha thanks man VU! Phone Post 3.0

Babseball fans have gotten a lot more hardcore apparently

Fuckin little demon child

That little fucker freaks me out Phone Post 3.0

Kid? That's a fuckin chupacabra, holmes... Phone Post 3.0

That little Eddie Munster lookin kid makes me laugh. Phone Post 3.0

Agent_Doakes_Aint_no_Jokes - Google search "world cup kid dancing gif". Phone Post 3.0
Oh this is soccer? I thought it was at a baseball game.

Hilarious either way. Phone Post 3.0

gif was always creepy to me. kid looks like he'll be a future molester or rapist.

coulda sworn i seen him in another video on here this week

DrunkSender - Honest question: is the dude Cesar Gracie? If not, he is the love child of him and Simon Cowell Phone Post 3.0
Haha CGJJ what! Phone Post 3.0

Just a quick note:

This was at a Marlins game, not at World Cup. 

lol @ these comments

and yea, that kid scares me too Phone Post 3.0

Sub Phone Post 3.0

That kid is repulsive and haunts my dreams.

VU Phone Post 3.0

All of those weirdos act like they hit the lottery just because the camera was on them.  I wonder what their house is like.

Not Human

There is a still photo of him and he is quite odd.

He has super long pointers finger like an alien.