Gif of Mirko ko?


ttt for that



LOL @ all those in shock!

For years i have been telling you that pride is way overated, that the ring makes fighters look bigger and faster.

Welcome to the real stuff now, no freakshows, no juiced fighters fighting cans,

Simply spectacular...

Sadly, he just became a highlight clip on a future UFN show.

that ankle is definitely broke, did he hobble off

that was unbelievable!



I concur...broken ankle.

poetic justice

Man, what can u say..

fucking amazing!



Upon further review, that was unfuckingbelievably brutal.

As a physiotherapy student looking at that video im going to say he has torn his ACL there, The reason his heel is facing the wrong direction is because of rotation of the knee more so than ankle. That means at least a year for cro cop.