GIF Question

Can I post a gif of my tv that happens to have my legaly purchased PPV playing on it?



Derp Phone Post 3.0

What gif did you have in mind? Phone Post 3.0

Card -
How is the answering machine able to start playing on its own? Phone Post

OP, remember that fuckface work of art that you posted that got you banned?  I do.


It is best to not post anything and to send Dana all your money just in case you see or post anything you shouldn't.


Trust me.  It's for the best.

Jake and Dinos Chapman (b. 1966 and b. 1962)

Warning, graphic!!!!  NSFW!!!!


Price Realized


  • £30,000 - £40,000
  • ($45,150 - $60,200)

Sale Information



OP posted that in the 'really, fuckface' thread and got banned.

I wouldn't risk it.

Make a GIF of your buddy filming you filming the TV. That's fine. Phone Post 3.0