GIF Request - MFC's version of the Just Bleed Guy

Can someone please make a gif of that crazy guy in the white shirt after they announced Drew Fickett?

"Ya, Come On!  Ya, Come On!  Ya, Come On!  Let's Do it!"  

LOL.  Who else saw that?

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That dude was hilarious!

In for the gif. Phone Post

didn't see it, but ttt!

I heard it, but was reading something in another window. I thought a random add popped up, but it was over by the time I started to investigate.

In. lol that was too funny.


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 I figured it was Ficketts brother- kinda looked like him

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ttt Phone Post

Really needs a vid as the guy was going off and needs to be heard. it possible a new STAR may be born in just a few moments...

ttt for Vid ot pics



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TTT for the gif Phone Post

I think Trigg even said something about it but I was high so who knows lol TTT!

That was too damn funny