GIF request of Anderson Kissing Weidman...

On the cheek after the first round. Sorry to reanimate a zombie horse to beat again, but I found this moment very genuine and it further proves imo, that Anderson hespects Chris.

Anyways I haven't seen a GIF of this, so if one of you fine gents can provide said gif, i'll pay you in trident layers. Phone Post

What are you, straight? Phone Post 3.0

God that's faggy.

What, are you not? Phone Post

Lawl Phone Post

Post GIF.

PM me your address and i'll make it happen.

I'm serious, I will do that. Phone Post

RockMeAmadeus - Kissing his fist?

Dude. You deserve a vote up for that one. So clever :) I'm glad you post here, always a pleasure to see your witty statements. Phone Post

. Phone Post

mma interpreter - 

Thanks, bro. Now dafuq is ghey about me wanting to revisit that moment of respect, guys?


PM address for your reward sir.