Gift Sending Question

I have a buddy over there and am sending him a bit of an odd gift.

I kept thinking what I could send him that would be usefull as well as make him feel at home.

The best thing that I could come up with was one of those BBQ grills that are made int he Ghetto that origonally were oil drums.

I was on my way to the Post Office when a buddy of mine called me and said that they are refusing to accept gifts that appear to be a bit odd.

Do you think that I will run into a problem sending this?

It is going to cost me almost $300 to send it and if it were to come back I am going to be pissed.

please help with any info.

Not that it is an odd gift, but not very practical. Considering he would need charcoal and prehaps say...some meat or something to cook on it.

Actually, most of the base camps have the very same grills already set up. Once in a while, the SNCOs and Officers (we took turns) would cook burgers and steaks for the Marines. Food was cooked until everyone got a chance to rotate in from security/patrols to get some chow.

Point is, they probably already have the charcoal AND the very grill that you just sent him.

Whether he needs it or not to be honest with you was not a major concern of mine. I just want to send him something funny that is a reminder of his roots.

My question is whether or not it will be accepted

tell him to get an ammo can...send him a make shift grill and theres his BBQ pit...I know I did it out there.....

"My question is whether or not it will be accepted"

Sorry, I went off an a weird tangent, then. I have no idea if it will be accepted. Wish I could help more.

Me either