Giga vs Kattar poll

I see zero methods of victory for Kattar.

Giga is too long, too fast, and too much diversity of attack. Especially after kattar was destroyed by Max. The momentum is with Giga

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I’ve got a 3 fighter:

Michel Periera -125

Joaquin Buckley -143

Calvin Kattar +170

The motherfucking GigaMan


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$40 on Giga, and will take the money and put in Giga’s next fight.

I see Giga being the biggest threat to Volkanowski

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I would love to see Giga beat up Ortega if he gets past Kattar first

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Giga is the real deal imo. Dominates Kattar on his way to a title shot



Really interested to see how Kattar adjusts his style after the Holloway loss. Hopefully it lit a fire under his ass.


Hopefully he doesn’t decide to let Giga break Maxs record of most shots landed. He better still those takedown and try to GSP him

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Nothing against Giga, I’m just a big fan of Kattar, I really wanna see him win.


Calvin has better boxing but Giga imo is the better striker overall.

Max was happy to box his way in and beat Kattar with mostly boxing. Kattar is a bad man who’s tough as hell but liver kicks shut you down with the quickness and it was the body shots that I think really hurt him against Max.

I think this fight will play out a bit differently than the Max fight. I think Giga will want to stay at range where his kicks are a problem and Kattar wants to close that distance.

Biggest test of Giga’s mma career, hard to pick a winner here. Should be a great fight.


Kattar is a 2-1 underdog and I love him in this fight.
He has never been KO’ed, fights with an absolute ton of heart, kill or be killed mentality. He has terrific hands and throws bombs. This should be a 50/50 match, but the fans are riding the hot hand and all over Giga. I have $300 on Kattar now but I am going to bet another $200. I really think he has a legit shot at pulling out a W here.


You bet he does, if I could, I’d bet a full$ 590 on Cattar💪

Dude is a stud


If I was a betting man I’d put the house on Kattar. Dude has all the attributes needed to stop Giga in his tracks.




im betting for the first time since its now allowed in my state, im going to throw a small bet on him. why not

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See my post before the fight. I made some good money betting on Kattar. No way on earth Giga should have been a 2-1 dog like that. It was a 50/50 fight. The only thing that surprised me is both fighters were completely gassed after round 2. Especially Giga.



Good call. I underestimated the strength of schedule I spoke about earlier and didn’t give nearly enough credence to the experience Kattar has gained and how important that Holloway ass whipping was.

He did exactly, precisely the thing you need to do against a slick striker, walk them down and keep them on their back foot.

Very well done. Wasn’t sure what to expect after a year off, but he very clearly went back to the drawing board and made some big improvements.