Gigabit throughput testers

I'm not sure exactly what it's called that I'm looking for, but a packet generator sounds right. We are implementing a fiber WAN with 2Gigs dedicated bandwidth to each site. I need a way to prove that throughput is XXXX/bps to a given site. The device would interface with 2 gigabit or copper connections to Cisco devices (3750, 6500, 4500). So far, a company called Ixia sells 250 and 400T models, but we'd be spending $16,000 per chassis ($32,000 total). Plus, it does much more than what we need. (Just throughput tests) Any advice guys?



I wish I could tell you more, but I'm clueless, I tried doing some research but, no avail.

Is the only site that helps describe it a little better.

2 gig dedicated? What is the hardware? Are you using two 1 gig ports in port trunking/LACP? Or is that just the marketing term they used for 1 gig full duplex? What kind of clients can you hang off of the units?

Chariot is one. But it is expensive. Download WSTTCP, for windows or linux, whichever you need. It is free and you can change file sizes to accomodate.

Gig utilization is a hard one to test. a 60% is a good result.

Thanks guys. Chariot is exactly what I was looking at today. I've never heard of WSTTCP...I'll check it out.

We're implementing our own private fiber WAN using Nortel optical transport equipment (5000 series), Cisco 6500 and 4500 chassis with CWDM on the super ring, and Cisco 3750s with CWDM GBICs on the subrings.