Gilbert Grappling member HELP!!!

When do you guys train? I was told you guys train MMA 8pm-9:30pm Monday Wednesday and Thursday. I went today at 8pm but the place was like a ghost town. Are you closed until new years or something. Also are you guys still at 9700 197th street?


ttt any g2 members on here?

guess not. I'll shoot an e-mail.

Does Joey Gilbert fight anymore or does he just train fighters?

He hasn't fought since 2003.

Nope we are at a different gym. We train right off 171st and oak park avenue at the tinley park bulldogs training center. At 171st go down like a block or two and there is a park off to the right. Turn into the parking lot and its the building all the way at the end on the left. M-W-F get there around 745.



btw thanks Knabs.

anyone that needs info you can email me for any help were training tonite at 8:00 if you want to come by its more open gym on thrusdays
dan gilbert