Gillespie vs Ferreira should be main event

Gillespie is 6-1 in the UFC and Ferreira is 8-3 in the UFC. This is the main event this weekend to me.

Given the talent on the card, I like the Bellator card more this week than the UFC card. You can’t say that too often but its true this week.

PFL main event is good with Werdum.


Was Cerrone moved off entirely? Thought he was fighting Holland?

Neal vs Neal should be main event, just based on rankings and Magny has headlined several cards. That’s a good fight. Rothwell vs Lins on the main card now could be a nice addition too, not bad for a freebie.

yeah, Magny has like 17 UFC wins and Neal is 5-1 in the UFC. It’s not a great main event, but they’ve earned it.

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I was just checking out that card, and it looks (potentially) great.


To me it was FOTN and it won the honors as well.

LWs earn over 2x the FOTN awards as the 2nd best weight class.

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I agree it was a great fight and one I was looking forward to the most…but Ferreira missing weight by that much leaves a sour taste. And if he had won it would’ve sucked tbh. Hear any reason why he had such a terrible weight cut?

Nope, unless its a title fight, I don’t care who did or did not make weight. Don’t even follow weigh ins anymore. I’ve seen hundreds of fighters miss weight over the years and these days I just try to catch the good fights like this when they get booked.