Gimme a recommendation for a bed

that’s not memory foam or a bed that uses new tech.

have been sleeping on a memory foam-type bed for two years now and that thing holds in the heat like crazy. recently spent the weekend in veagas at the bellagio and the bed was amazing. didn’t hold the heat in at all and it didn’t feel like i was sinking into the mattress.

what say you OG?

Purple mattress. Bought one three years ago. Would never want to sleep on anything else.



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i’ll check them out.

Get one of them beds with a mattress. And if you can, get a bed frame. And if you want more, get one of them headboards people talk about. Then once that’s all together, get those sheets and blankets people have. And finally, a pillow or two, depending on your sleeping arrangements.

Glad I could help out. :+1:

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spectacular advice. why i come to the OG

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Call the hotel, ask them what mattresses they use

I have been looking at these for awhile. Do you have the normal one or a hybrid?

How’s the motion in the ocean on those beds? I had a ex that had a memory foam bed and it sucked for horizontal pastimes.

I have the original version. Its all good for teh sex.

Avocado mattress. Good quality materials. Its a real bed made in America not some bullshit Chinese foam pad