I am now fun police. I’m a super serious individual and I don’t like offbeat shenanigans of any kind.

I have a feeling a lot of you goofballs will be seeing a lot of me!


Ok ?. .


hahahahhahahahah! You are whacky as hell! Freaking fun, and what a light hearted hilarious thread. That made me smile and feel all silly pants. TY Broski!

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Alejandro Jodorowsky Party GIF by Endless Poetry

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Have you filed a Gimmick Change Form with Kirik?


Guys, keep this fun party going!!! I feel the spirit of it, wacky ass KJ bringing the subtle good times!

Hey all of you stop that! Now be quiet a minute so I can tell a story about the guy who invented the wheel. Well actually it’s about his cousin Larry. Who didn’t invent the wheel. But he spent his life researching the flavor of water.

Very interesting stuff!


Fun and adventure is a tool of the less educated rapscallion type of of lowbred CUR!

I’m a refined gentleman.

What I do like is A cup breasts (but only if I’m married), a brisk handshake, I enjoy reading the dictionary to improve my diction, and I’m a amateur bird watcher.

My claim to fame is one time a girl was going to show her breasts to a bunch of fellows, and I talked her out of it and gave her a long lecture on self respect.


Marital Carts will be here to post any minute. Followed by Gee Faggy.


Your foul language and baseless implications are offensive and hurtful.

Now you hang on a minute while I adjust my monocle and I’m going to tell you a story about the time I turned myself into the police because I realized I had been driving my super expensive foreign car at 48mph in a 45 mph zone.


The older gimmick was more fun but this is the gimmick that we, the OG, NEED. This will be good for all of us. Sometimes one has to…“eat their vegetables”, so to speak.

the simpsons boo GIF

I don’t approve of this low brow attempt at humor! Can we please settle down in here. I was just getting ready to tell about the time a waitress gave me 2$ too much change on my bill.

Some goofy types may see this as a accident, or a gain. NOT ME! I called her manager, I called corporate, and I called police. Gave a very detailed statement on her!

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I was hoping straight man would be your next gimmick.


So you’re basically going to talk like Raskal but under the KJ account?

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No way. That would be almost as bad as you speaking like marial under the goochy acct!

I don’t partake in such goofery!

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Does this mean I need a new tag team partner?

And I’ll tell you another thing! None of you better challenge me to any sort of tussle because I will report you for attempted ASSAULT

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I’m fixing to challenge you to a dance battle…

That sounds like fun!

Too bad for you I hate fun and you better quit harassing me! Harassment is not a joking matter!

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