No way he would literally go into a cussing fit if he saw the commercials. “ Goddamn ugly fucking lezbo bitch” .

Agreed on theme song though.

Pro tip! This gimmick change has really made you a poster with something to offer

Thank you sir. I appreciate that. There will be more exciting stories soon. I haven’t even began filling you guys in on the exciting world of stamp collecting!

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What are you trying to do take @rushinbear 's job?

Hello jacinto. Thank you for your question. I would like to inform you that RB is a mod and you should have respect for your superiors around here. Law and order must always be maintained! Please apologize to both RB, and me.

It wasn’t an insult he is really that good at his job i don’t think you could fill his shoes.

Today I went roller skating. Well I went to the roller skating place. But after careful consideration and inspection, I determined those skates are really unsafe! So I took my helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads off and I marched right out of there!

No sir! I’m a no frills kind of guy. No death trap skates for me!

You gave up fun!!! You could’ve just put the pads and helmet on and walked around the rink safely.


You are such a pussy bro! Only time I leave roller king is when I get kicked out for smoking. Yeah thats right Im a badboy and smoke on the roller floor.

I had that thought myself. But they wouldnt allow it. At first I thought about just doing it anyways. But then I realized rules are made for my own good and rule breakers are not cool!

I’ve always known you were a bad boy! That’s why we don’t hang out anymore.