Gina Carano will garner more attention than UFC 10

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                                Gina Carano will garner more attention than UFC 100

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I believe Gina when she tells me she chose Strikeforce over the UFC, because she thought it was a better decision for women’s MMA in general. When I called Gina last week to set up an interview for her Aug. 15 fight, she insisted I also set up an interview with her opponent, Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos. She insisted (I was going to anyway, Gina). That doesn’t sound like a spoiled, self-centered, selfish person to me.

Now, let’s talk about reality. Whether people like it or not, Gina Carano is going to have an influential role in not only the shaping of women’s MMA, but in the direction of the sport as a whole.

I guarantee you she will single-handedly garner more press and media attention than UFC 100. Just wait and see. The interest Gina generates will turn a whole new section of fans onto Strikeforce and MMA, and I wholeheartedly believe we will be watching Carano, Robbie Lawler, Jake Shields, and the rest of Strikeforce’s expanding stable on CBS by January 2010.

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With her apparent ability to time travel, then yes she probably would get more attention than UFC 10

Loretta Hunt has lost her GD mind.

Sagiv Lapkin -  More than UFC 10....sure. More than UFC 100, never in a thousand years.

I dunno, I hear that Mark Coleman guy is pretty good.


And I think the "women's MMA Boom" is extremely overrated. Without being disrespectful to any fighters, there hasn't been any fight that has been anticipated with really any excitement other than Gina fights. If Cyborg KTFO's her, I have a hard time picturing where the next big draw comes from.

 sherdog should really try to hid the anti UFC stuff a little better

obvious vendetta is obvious

I like how there is no mention of carano being the worst possible face of women's mma. You want a "fighter" who habitually doesn't make weight, to the point that a previous promotion had to invent a weight class for her, and still fails to make weight as a main event?

 just LOL @ Loretta. That's all she deserves.

 You really think Gina will get more attention than this?

Pandanus -  You really think Gina will get more attention than this?

I think you're confused.

The lack of Gina picks in this Gina thread is disturbing.

 I wouldnt be surprised. People keep acting like 100 is some crazy pinnacle of the sport. It's just another card, albeit a very good one. I doubt there will be much mainstream attention.

More than UFC 100!? Bullshit. LOL @ this Loretta bitch. Gina definitely has a lot of press, and is no doubt the face of women's MMA for better or worse, but get the fuck outta here.

UFC is THE most popular MMA organization right now and will probably be for a long time. No matter how many wetdreams the 'tards over at Sherdog have about that being different, isn't going to change it.

Gina is about as important as kimbo.

Not very.

Awesome troll job by Loretta.  9.5

UFC 10 FTW!!

Gina Carano = Mia Hamm

Women's MMA = Women's Professional Soccer


Someone should ask Loretta how that prediction is working out for her.