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I will be hostin a workshop of the creator of the "Ginastica Natural" from Brazil. Alvaro Romano is well know in Brazil and South America. He used to teach Vitor Belfort,Rickson Gracie,Margarida and many outher fighters and athletes. If you would like to do a workshop with Alvaro Romano I will be having his workshop right here in Oakland( in June 11th,if you would like more information send me an-email What is Ginastica Natural ?
The Ginastica Natural combines the techniques of stretching, flexibility and respiration of hatha-yoga, the ground movements of jiu-jitsu, and the natural movements of the human body. Idealized by Alvaro Romano, it is a revolutionary method of physical conditioning that has an objective of developing physical qualities associated with motor and mental skills. Romano elaborated a methodology for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students. Originally Ginastica Natural was intended to be practiced outdoors, however today it is a complete method. Alvaro Romano developed an adequate system that allows Ginastica Natural to be practiced in gyms. There is also a licensing for instructors to administer the classes.


Prof. Alvaro Romano JR is a post-graduate in the areas of Physical Education and Recreation and has always been involved in fitness activities since a young age Born in Rio de Janeiro, he was involved in sports that needed great physical conditions like Surf, Jiu-Jitsu, Triathlons and Judo. In his search to improve his performance as an athlete and as a professional in the field of physical education , he develop alternative and unconventional ways to incorporate power and flexibility in to his phisical exercises. It was in 1982 also studied the moviments of the primitive man and of animals, of which became the origin to the Ginastica Natural , revolutionary method of physical conditioning .

For courses , seminar , classes and licensing get in contact with 55-21-78146377 /

He will be teaching in San Diego,Santa Cruz and Los Angeles more information at:415-724-4088.

If you would like to host one seminar or workshop in your academy let me know.

Sincerely,Sergio Silva

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i saw some videos on his website, any idea how i can come across those here in the US. thanks