Ginger seal ostracized by normal seals

An exceptionally rare ginger fur seal pup has been spotted in the Sea of Okhotsk in Russia.

The pinniped stands out from the rest of its colony with its colouring, blue eyes and pink flippers.

Experts say the chances of such a partial albino birth are one in 100,000 and there is a risk of rejection by the rookery

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Biologist Vladimir Burkanov says that so far this fur seal on Tyuleny Island - nicknamed The Ugly Duckling - has not become a total outcast, yet there are signs of it being slightly shunned.

'This pup looks well fed and was very active, so its mother clearly gave it plenty of milk,' he said.

'Other seals don't pay too much attention to it in a somewhat worrying manner, so something is not quite right with it.

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A baby seal walks into a club. 


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“Ginger seal ostracized by normal seals”

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