Girl immaculately impregnated by vaccine shot

I have a very religious friend on Facebook always posting bible quotes and other related items. She posted that story last week. I am not sure why and I didn't ask but I think she thought the story was real.

QuinTheEskimo - This is exactly how my wife got pregnant. We had not had sex in months, but boom the got her flu shot and popped out a kid. Turns out vaccine babies are alot darker than me. Phone Post 3.0

I think this is a lot more common than most people would assume.

The father must be fucking elated he wont be sought after for child support.

Antichrist imo. Phone Post 3.0

Inoculate conception Phone Post 3.0

NJstileNJ - Inoculate conception Phone Post 3.0
I hit back on the app as I read this post and went back to the list of threads. Came back here to VTFU Phone Post 3.0

She should name the baby Cyrus