Girl that brings down ACORN purple in GJJ

 Hannah Giles, the girl that played the prostitute in the video that has shown ACORN employees advising her how to set up an illegal brothel and then take the proceeds to fund a future politician got promoted to purple belt under Pedro Valente in Miami in 2007.  Just thought that was a cool fact.

Trying to keep dudes in your guard all day is good practice for playing a prostitute.

Pedro who???????

gracie miami, 163rd st

 Just goes to show that everyone's got a blue belt or better in BJJ now. 

 She said that she has been doing it for 8 years. Not sure how old she is, she cant be that old.

 She looked to be in good shape in the video. A very pretty girl actually. It would not be a bad thing to be able to defend yourself if you are going undercover like that.

Isn't Dr 90210 also one of their blue belts?

 Strong pimp backhand > GJJ

Thats fitting , she passes herself off as being a prostitute and her sensei passes himself off as being a badass.