Girl tries Dirty Dancing lift, snaps neck instead.





Graduate1 -


What a fucking retard to attempt that. She’s obviously too fat and the dude ain’t strong enough. 

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Jist lets her go. Smooth move Chad.

If that's her boyfriend it's partially her fault for selecting a male that I'm not sure can press a barbell despite I'm assuming weighing over 200lbs.



Even in the movie they practiced in the water.

Nice sandals douchebag

I understand now why Jordan Leavitt was so happy when he pulled this off x2 

E-C-W! E-C-W!


She needs to tuck her neck in. Needs more training in judo or wrestling.

IronHands -

E-C-W! E-C-W!

Joey Sty les: OH MY GOD!!! 

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Tuck and roll, tuck and roll

I was body surfing one day and got sucked to the top of the wave and face planted in the sand.  I felt my feel touch my head.  Lucky I was young and somewhat flexible.  I’d be a quad today if that happened

Could only watch once.

Should have just ducked head and rolled. She needs to practice break falls.

Reminds me of how bad I was at doing so when I visited a Judo club for the first time and got paired with a junior champ from Japan or some shit. I had good wrestling and jiu-jitsu experience but was not prepared. He hit a perfect tomoe nage that happened so fast I just landed right on my head in a head stand and rolled off the top of my head. He was definitely taking it easy on me but didn't help lol. My neck was sore for a couple days but wasn't bad since I was in good shape at the time /rant

Nobody puts Baby in a neck brace. 


Baby was 100lbs. Not a corn fed midwestern girl 

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