Girl Tries to Join in on Bullying: Gets Humiliated and Destroyed by Hottie!

Paula thought she would join in with the cool kids picking on Cara Maria, little did she know 5’11" amazonian goddess Laurel would shut that down real fast and leave her in tears!

The fucking hands over her head while she was talking… Who are these idiots anyway?

Arguably the best damn female competitoe in challenge history letting a historical loser know where she stands!

Are your other hobbies bashing your scrotum with a ballpeen hammer and nails on a chalkboard?

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No, I like playing magic the gathering, watching old wrestling, reading comic books, and playing super nintendo.

I think it’s time for 5’11’’ amazonian goddess Laura to file for a restraining order against Mr. Hard Cheese

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She blocked me on ig and twitter LOL

Wow, OP. You really love this fucking gay ass show. Haha!

But that’s ok. Everyone likes something fucking retarded. I watch 90’s pro wrasslin. It’s fucking stupid but I love it.

Do do I! Maybe you should try the Challenge too, dont knock it ill you try it!

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Don’t end up the subject of your own future thread.
“Cheesehead incel tries to get in bed with hottie. Gets HUMILIATED and DESTROYED by cops!”

Cant Hear You No Way GIF by Manchester United

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LOL I can only imagine the verbal destruction that would follow if I tried hitting on her in person.


That’s true. I’ve never seen it. I usually stay away from reality TV. And anything that’s on modern MTV, really.

God I miss old MTV. Sometimes I watch random YouTube videos that show hours of old MTV. good times. :disappointed:

Edit: I had to change my Avatar because of this conversation. : )

Lol oh man I remember seeing this episode m. Epic