Girlfriend/fighting/time away ?

On another thread we talked about the hot girlfriend on MTV's True Life Muay Thai fighter and how she seemed like a bitch. She was kind of jealous about the time he was dedicating to training as opposed to time with her. I think Kerr's girlfriend on "Smashing Machine" was the same way. Here he is, training for a big fight, and she talks about not spending time with her and so forth.

It just got me wondering. How many of you have a girlfriend/wife that thinks it is cool that you train (they get that "my boyfriend is tough" image which makes them feel good), but if you train too much or on a certain day, they want to give you crap about it. For example, you go to train on a Saturday and she wants you to do something with her.

Have any of you had gf/wife that threw hissy fits because of time between them and training.

Divorced because of it.

I love that my wife trains. It makes everything a family affair. We go to the gym and workout while the kids run around the gym. Everyone in the gym keeps an eye on the boys, and my 8 year old is always getting little tips from the coaches, combos, guard passes, takedowns, etc.

I'm jealous of my 3 year old though. Everytime I look, he's out there pimpin' to the hotties!

My babies mom left me for it, I was starting an amatuer show but she could not understand the time spent on the phone and internet so she left me for a 40 year old and she is 20 lol, maybe his bengay smelling viagra ass hd more time for her. Some bitches don't understand that you fight and do this mma stuff for the better of your family. If they can't support you fuckem.


bk3rdgree, at least your not bitter.