Girlfriend wants a cordless drill, what brand?

You don't need to break the bank, but it is worth it to buy something decent that will last, in my opinion.

Dewalt or Milwaukee would be solid choices. The company I work for purchases Makita combo sets. We beat the piss out of them and have burned our share out, but they would be great for use at home.

A simple pocket driver is all she needs.

I end up using my Bosch pocket driver much more than my big drill.

Mark Phone Post 3.0

How much wall space can there possibly be in the kitchen? Phone Post 3.0

Organic cordless?

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TheMMAn -

Haha yea she might need a lithium battery. Try snap on brand Phone Post 3.0

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No need for 24v or even18v for her. Get the smaller 12v cordless drill. It will handle all small projects and is a lot lighter. Phone Post 3.0

TheMMAn -

Knew this was coming! Phone Post 3.0

sewich - Dewalt 20v Phone Post 3.0

She would probably like a big black cordless drill. Phone Post 3.0

iqwrestler - Milwaukee or go fuck your mother. Phone Post 3.0
This Phone Post 3.0

I've been running a 20v dewalt daily for about 2 years. The collet in the impact driver stopped working about 3 months ago and drops tips all the time. These drills might last an occasional user a lifetime. Phone Post 3.0

Any drill would probably be fine for her. If she is going to add more cordless tools in the future, brand becomes important for battery interchangeability, but just for a drill only, even a lower end black and decker should be fine. Phone Post 3.0

I swear by Makita. Phone Post 3.0

The best drill is to grab a whistle and have her run laps in the kitchen.

Ridgid. Lifetime warranty on drill and batteries. Phone Post 3.0

Dewalt 20V Lithium Battery Phone Post 3.0

No love for Makita? Phone Post 3.0

Milwaukee makes their 12v in a 1/2" hammer drill. Very small and lightweight and has more power than the big name drills of 10years ago. But for what she wants, their cheaper 3/8" drill would be perfect and will last a long time. Phone Post 3.0