Girls are so weird

Ugh I’m so mad! You want me to cuss her out for you?!

I bet she didnt even tell you when she would be ovulating next did she!?

She told me she wasn’t on birth control! So I shot it on her belly instead of in her belly. I’ll have to ask next time about ovulation.

You know what else has me steaming mad? Illinois rednecks. I hate those jerks with a passion. Indiana is the far superior state and our rednecks are far better too!

They come over here acting all big! I hate them!


Indiana is the best state in the union

Best state in the world. You’re absolutely correct about that!

Do you think hot dogs have led to more or fewer blow jobs?

Food for thought


My belief is that the big wings in the bologna biz purged all the gays. They in turn made their own bologna. In their favorite shape of course.

Thank you Raskal! I know I can always count on your support even when I’m going nuts over silly stuff :joy:

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Funny story. 10 years or so ago I had a girlfriend of a few years. I took a pipeline job in Montana and had been working 7 days a week for about 6 months and hadn’t seen her for probably 3 months( she flew out for a weekend).

My boss was a hunter and approved me to get two weeks off paid for elk season back home.

I drove home and hunted for two weeks. My gf wanted to hangout while I was home.

I said no, that doesn’t work. I came home to hunt not to visit.

Girls hate that kind of shit…but love that kind of shit.

Two choices… 1. Always keep them wanting more or …

  1. Give in to them too much and they will go looking for more(from other dudes).
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Absolutely man. I’ve loved some women. But I never loved a woman as much as I love hunting deer! Lol.

I think you made the right choice.

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You can get a new girlfriend if you lose one.

If you miss a hunting season you can never get it back.


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“Girls are so weird” are words that come from a guy who just got rejected or dumped.


“Girls are so weird.” Are words spoken by every man ever…and also by almost every woman ever

I was just goofing off. Saying someone else is weird, then spouting off a bunch of weird shit myself.

You clear on that now emoney? Or do you need a good dick punch to straighten you out?!

I didn’t read what you wrote just the title