Girls at Raw

Has anyone noticed the influx of hot girls going to shows now? Ten years ago a wrestling show was the ultimate sausage fest, last week at raw I felt like I was at a mildly hicked out version of spring break. pretty sweet.

Greco you're just getting

J/K ya.

It is all thanks to the Great Khali. they pan the crowd, do you think the fat cameramen will stop on fat guys like themselves or the 12 hot chicks in the building?

lol. No, I was there last week, there really were a lot of hot girls.

 were they legal lol

haha not even close

Edit: which is too bad for Cena, because every last one of them had an I <3 Cena sign

 its not a crime if  u dont get caught lol

actually, they pay models to sit in seats in camera view. they're plants. look on a lot of the model sites, there are lots of girls you've never seen on tv listing "WWE" in their resumes

 hookers and groupies