Girls in bars reactions to Rousey.

Anyone else notice how groups of girls in bars always get kinda competitive when Rousey comes on the screen? All the males stop paying attention to the girls and just focus on the screen then I always notice girls start bitching amongst each other. I think they're especially pissed off cos they realise Ronda looks better without make-up than they do with it.

I noticed one girl imitating Ronda's angry game-face to her friends. Then when the Tale of the Tape came up and showed the pic of Ronda all-dolled up they were like "Fuark..."

Amuses me. Phone Post 3.0

I just made a thread about the fact that women in NYC seem to fucking LOVE Ronda. Maybe a geography thing?

Cause Ronda aint gotta motor in the back of her honda. MY ANACONDA DONT WANT NONE UNLESS YOU GOT BUNS HUN CRACK WHIP Phone Post 3.0

You can do side-bends or sit-ups, but please don't lose that butt.

The bar i was at, was all dudes going nuts during the last Miesha fight esp everytime Ronda tossed Miesha. I talked to a waitress there during the next UFC and she was like "i think the guys really like watching girls fight."

VTFU for fuark

"We're all gunna make it brahs." Phone Post 3.0

You must live around a bunch of ugly bimbos! Phone Post 3.0

Ronda looks better without makeup than those girls?

What ham beasts are you hanging with? Phone Post 3.0

Girls in South Florida bars go bat shit crazy when Ronda comes out so yeah I guess ugly girls don't like Ronda but South florida has a higher ratio of 10s than most places

Ermmmm....Ronda is not good looking! She has a face that looks like a bulldog chewing a wasp Phone Post 3.0

Women are ruthless when it comes to other women....

Like scary for real. Phone Post 3.0

I was at hooters and the waitress came and sat at my table during rondas walkout and the fight. She was saying how she loved how intense Ronda looks. Phone Post 3.0

Not in bar but...

Me: Theres fights tonight should we order them?

GF: No its been a waste of money recently

Me: Rousey is fighting

GF: oh really??? Ok yeah lets order them then! Who else is fighting? Phone Post 3.0