Girls with Cauliflower

If you seen a girl with Cauliflower ears what would you think??

Is it a good look or a bad look?

You're kidding, right? That's disgusting. If you think its attractive,
you're a lesbian.

A lesbian, i dont think so!! my ears are just starting to get sore and im still waiting on my ear guards to arrive, and hoping and praying they dont get any worse before they get here!

probably better not to roll anymore till they come......

Ears? Who cares? How are her T&A?

It depends on how bad it is.

If the rest of her is hot, I may overlook it if it isn't too serious a case.

i have a slight one, and I was real pissed when I got it. I tore some cartilage in my ear at the same time, so its kind of crooked on top of being cauliflowered

I wouldn't care about a girl with a little bit of one. If hers were like Wallid's or something, that would be kind of nasty

cauliflower on women= sexy

wow, so many people have different opinions! but yeah the cauli is only very small, just a little swollen not much to worry about, i was just get worried in case they blew out between now and when the ear guards arrive. but you have to admit cauliflower can look pretty sexy on alot of men!

If you ice your ears evey time ten minutes on the hour.The cartilidge will heal back to normal.Good luck

Cauli on a chick.. sexy for sure.. Scorpion will you marry me? If it helps my ears are tore up..

I have an ear that would rival Coutures!

*knocks on wood* I hope I don't get those.

Cauliflower ears are just disgusting. Some of you are genuine freaks of nature to think otherwise.

If I saw a girl with cauliflower ears, I would be turned on.

The neophytes fear the marks.But the veterans see them as the blessings that they are.

If I saw a girl with cauliflower ears, I would be turned on.I'm calling doubtful on that one.Can anyone of you photoshop wizards put Wallid's ears on some fighter of the female persuasion?

I would think its hot.  A bjj chick!!

Shaq Daddy


Does she do anal?