Girls with hemorrhoids (no pics)

You ever turn a girl over to hit her doggie style and right when you look down, there's a hemorrhoid sticking right out her wrinkled starfish? I been with older women that have hemorrhoids but I figure, you know, with the child births and getting a couple of dicks or more caught up there, what can you do. It comes with the age and experience.

But I was with a 19 y/o and when we started 69in and as I look right at her asshole, there is this shark fin shaped fleshy piece of meat protruding out her otherwise perfect bung. Really bummed me out. I hit doggiestyle but couldn't really concentrate. Afterwards we were taking and she told me that she started having vaginal intercourse the year before and that since her early teens she had anal to preserve her virginity. But then she said it started to hurt. Don't think she realized she has a hemorrhoid. Phone Post 3.0

Yes and more disturbing is when their ass is completely blown out.  Makes you wonder what they have been doing back there?

What the fuck

Its probably just herpes, I wouldnt worry man

Suck the shark fin pussy... Phone Post 3.0