Girls - "You must make me laugh" on dating profiles

ex wife is a nurse. can say without a doubt that job changes them for the worse.

met a couple single moms from bumble. second date tops with them. current one (ironically the only one ive really connected with thus far) did not meet on a dating app.

I’ve been off and on dating sites for the last 20 years. The two most successful long term relationships I had were from dating sites. I think one thing to mention is there is a vast quality difference in matches between free and pay sites.

If someone can’t or won’t pay 20 to 30 bucks a month to try and meet someone decent, then there’s a good chance they aren’t relationship material.

Out of curiosity I pulled up my old Match account. Of the 30 or so matches on there none of them said “Must make me laugh” or had height requirements. I’ll admit Match lets you key in a height requirement, but it doesn’t show in the profile.

This is referred to as chadfishing by incels. Has resulted in a lot of ugly dudes taking the blackpill.

I remember trolling Yahoo chat groups about gardening or whatever pretending I was Vietnamese and still had POWs that I tortured.


Live laugh love you godamned deviants!

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Thing that’s ducked is there are young guys that are black
Pilled … I’m talking 20-21 year old guys . I’m trying to remember my late teens and early 20s but I honestly don’t remember any guys giving up on girls that early . Even the nerdiest guys could get laid if they put in the effort . I guess times are different with the technological advances….?

i think we lived in a different era than the 20 years olds today

i’m barely 30 but i feel like the world has changed in terms of dating

back in the day, all i had to do was be better than the average xbox playing stoner

nowadays, these young guys are competing with a billion people on tinder and every app under the sun

young people are having less sex than ever

social media has made young people more negative than ever … they hate the system, dating, etc etc.

“blackpilled” incels are mentally deranged people who became depressed when they realized they weren’t good looking enough to get a 9 or a 10, so they became doom and gloom (rope or cope, bro).

They make vids on Youtube and other video-sharing websites telling other men how hopeless things are and unless you are a 6’ 5" Adonis with a perfect face, you will NEVER pick up women. It’s all gross exaggerations. To think a lot of young men actually listen to this crap.

I’ve been watching some woman’s Twitter meltdown over the last few days. She basically tweets photos of herself in underwear then complains about comments and DMs she gets from horny dudes. She’s a 40 year old single mother that always posts shit like ‘yes! No kid for 3 days’ but constantly shits on the kid’s dad.

So this week she posts up a photograph of her in this bathing suit (which looks fuckin awful) asking if people like it. One dude commented ‘not on you’ and she started raging about how she has battled with an eating disorder and she wants to kill herself. It made me wonder how young guys operate in this landscape, seeing the mental illness must be a huge turn off.


Sometimes I wonder why there’s so many bitter, divorced guys on the OG and then I read threads like this.

Says the guy consistantly miserable and obsessed with politics.


I don’t understand why people set themselves up to fail on social media. Unless you are a 9 or 10 you’re going to get negative comments. If you can’t handle them then don’t post the pics.

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Because “bad” attention is better than no attention.


Some of these threads were hilarious.

From them and other threads about sites on the OG I have used some of the language and lines on work calls.

Tried to slip in as many of the lines into normal conference call conversation.

If you can’t handle me at my worst you don’t deserve me at my best.

Every moment you ask me or my coworkers to do this instead of you doing it is a moment you are teaching us we can get along without you.

One day a lady did comment that something I said sounded more like a woman in a relationship.

It was all junk I read on the OG dating site threads.