Gi's...decisions decisions

I know this subject comes up periodically, but I haven't seen any recent threads on individual brands lately.

I bought an HCK comp single weave(white)several years ago, and since i'm getting ready to start training again, I pulled it out of mothballs the other night. Luckily it still fits, LOL! It's a little 'snug' around the midsection right now, but after a few weeks of getting my ass handed to me on a regular basis, that should all work out in the end.

I've noticed that Koral seems to be the gi of choice by quite a few. May I ask why? Is the way it fits, durability, or both?

Plus i've noticed (as well as some of you have mentioned) that Atama has grown quite pricey. $145 for a bleached gold weave, and $156 for blue.

I'm looking to add an additional gi to what I have just for the sole purpose of having an extra so I don't have to wash my gi every night (or even every OTHER night, LOL).

Looking at what appears to be a good quality gi for a very reasonable price, i'm looking at Sirius.

Then again, there are several others as well...


...i'm sure there are more.

I guess if i'm going to ask a question, what would be your #1 choice and which of these are the least popular, and why?

Thanks in advance for any responses.

the best is Padilla & sons ..........go to ...........and see previous reviews heer of their kimonos........noone else comes close

koral single and hck single are by far my favorites.

koral because of lightness/breathability, seamless back, pre-shrunk, and
fast drying collar (no collar-rot).

hck because of durability (every aspect), fit, simpleness and price. if
howard made a seamless back i'd never buy another gi.

both are outstanding gis.

i'd like to try a padilla & sons gi but they don't have a size 3 (unless their
size 4 is equal to a hck size 3). does the padilla & sons gi have a
seamless back?

The gold weave is seamless...When i ordered i told them what size hck i wear.The size they matched was a perfect fit..Give them a call.

I've only owned an atama single weave and gameness pearl. I just used my gameness for the first time on Saturday and I have to say I liked it a lot. The pants are still a little stiff, but I think If I wash again it should take care of it, but the jacket was nice and soft and seems a little lighter than my atama.

Adidas IMO!

Quote "hck because of durability (every aspect), fit, simpleness and price. if howard made a seamless back i'd never buy another gi."

I definitely concur.

As far as durability, this Howard single weave looks like it could go a round of tug~o~war with a couple pit bulls and not even sustain a scratch. A double weave i'm sure, is comparable to wearing a bulletproof vest?!?

Padilla and Son's...Hmmm.

From looking at the website that "grappletoesjb" supplied, this looks to be a high prospect. No down the back seam and very affordable.

With all the different brands with different colors and configs, how do you guys keep from ending up with a whole closet full of gi's?

I'm still looking at the Sirius 'Ultra Light' gold weave. According to their site, it's made from one piece of gold weave material. Therefore there aren't many seams to come apart down the road.

Is there anybody out there that has a Sirius gi in their's, con's?

Gameness Pearls are really good in my opinion also. They are light, very strong, and the pants awesome.

I have two of them and couldn't be any happier.

I have a sirius kimono. the thing is perfect for me..very breatheable yet durable, lapel is quite thick, very nice cut, great price..highly reccomended.

I was due for (yet) another gi. I was looking at Koral, but they did not seem good for my body type (6 2 200lbs..pretty lean) I also did not like the fact that I could not 'shrink to fit' it. I hate baggy gis and they really distract me when I roll and they are falling off my shoulders

I ordered a Sirius gold weave. I went back and forth with about 5 emails regarding measurements of the kimono. I HATE having to sending stuff back etc. Amparo at Sirius who i spoke with was awesome. Patient and responded to all my inquiries. As far as customer service and price goes they get an A+

Will let all know how I like the product.

I love my new Gameness Pearl and my Vulcan. Both are light and good quality.Ed make a black and blue pearl please.............

I have heard guys saying if you dry them the do all kinds of things............GUYS don't ever dry your gi in the dryer, you know all that "lint" in your dryer.......Dude, thats your clothes getting broken down due to "heat"................

One thing i've never done, was dry my kimono jacket in the dryer. I have dried the pants in the dryer considering they're a little baggie. I guess hoping for what little bit of shrinkage I can get lucky with.

I went ahead and ordered that Sirius "ultra light" gold weave (blue). I figure i'll have it in a week to 10 days...hopefully.

As mentioned by snakepitz...
"Will let all know how I like the product."

I'll do the same.

thanks jonO. i hope the white single is seamless too. i'll definitely check
into it.

one of the factors for me when considering whether to buy a gi is if it'll
hold up to blasting it in the dryer since i don't have time to treat my gis
like they're delicate things.

both my hck and my koral fare very well after a hot wash and hot dry.

I have the Sirius ultra gold weave, bought it a couple of weeks back. Great gi and great customer service.

i am a huge fan of HCK...unfortunately he is out of stock until the middle of next month...i do not sell them, but it is my kimono of choice. is mr. liu's website...

and someone recommended adidas...i have the Champion (their top of the line judo uniform) in sizes 2,3 and 4 (now size four is white only, but blue is available in sizes two and three) me and i will hook you up if you are interested...peace, jt 

I had to put my Keiko in the dryer a few times in order to shrink it down. It is an ideal fit now.

These "what gi brand do you recommend" threads come up quite frequently. It seems like everyone has recommendations on what gi's to buy but I don't see any recommendations on what not to buy. Maybe that information may help buyers as well.

I think my next gi purchase will be either a Koral, Sirius or a Vulkan.

"It seems like everyone has recommendations on what gi's to buy but I don't see any recommendations on what not to buy. Maybe that information may help buyers as well."

Being a newcomer here as well as to BJJ, my knowledge is very limited. I'm sure that many will agree that when it comes down to making a choice as far as gi brand, it all comes down to personal preference. Are there really any BAD...TERRIBLY made gi's on the market? I doubt there is any real garbage out there being sold. It all comes down to what we percieve as the best choice for our comfort as well as our wallet.

I'll go ahead and throw one out there as to why I DIDN'T make a certain selection...


I've never owned one, but i've been around people who were wearing them. I don't like that seam running right down the middle of the person's spine. It looks uncomfortable and i've heard feedback reinforcing my observation. Also, I think there are other brands out there that are just as well made if not better for less money.

Anybody agree?


I'm in Costa Rica buying real estate:) We're going to have blue pearl's in a few weeks. I believe we're taking pre orders now.(I'm not sure on that though) Give Cory a ring and ask.


ne one have experience with Vitamin&Mineral gis


HCK is always low on stock since he's too concerned doing no gi.