Gis dont fit

I'm 6'4" and I weigh 180 lbs ... anybody know of a good place to get a gi for me? I'm totally lost in mine but if I fit the body of it to myself it feels like I'm wearing a gi vest cause the sleeves are so short.

You may need to get a different size jacket and pants. I suggest Howard Combat Kimonos - Howard will help you to put together a a gi top and pants that will fit you well. The site is: The gis are indestrucatable too.

mix match pant sizes there too.

I have a howard and a hot blood, Im 6'4, about 200lbs. both seem fine for length to me.

contact Luciana at  (email link is on the site).

They make custom-fit gis, and do a VERY nice job of it!


Adam LaClair is correct. is topnotch