gi's sized for infants?

My family has been blessed with a baby boy who will be joining us here in mid March.

I still have my "baby" gi from when I was little, and I thought that it would be really cool for him to follow in my footsteps. My problem is that I cannot seem to find any infant sized gi's around.

Does anybody know of any companies that make them or anybody reputable who could make one?

Thanks to everyone in advance!!


Hey I was looking last year , go post on the Atama forum there was a site that had very small ones.

And CONGRATS my son is just over a year old now and hes the SHIT :) good luck and enjoy him when he arrives

Contact Luciana Machado-Simon:

I've seen one infant gi she made for a friend of mine - absolutely awesome!! I've heard she's done the same for many others.


Great- Thank you very much!! I 'll send her an e-mail.

Thanks again, your help is very much appreciated.