Giudici signs MMA Canada

Giudici fought now in weight 145lb. He was invited to fight in MMA Aggression on October 24 in Edmonton Canada, GiudiciX Doug Evans.

The black belt in Gracie Marcelo Giudici signed this week another MMA event, now in Canada (AggressionMMA)
will be held in Edmonton (Alberta) on October 24 Time: Northlands Agricom
Giudici wrestled Doug Evan, will be the third fight card in the main Catgoria 145lbs

Will be my third international fight this year, I made a good fight in the PFC, then it was called to fight again ... now in canada! Now the machine is in "turbo" with good practice Gracie Barra Campinas and Caetano's Boxing Club riders are supporting me, I love the training, so I know that the ass will eat! I am very focused for this fight and I take this opportunity and want to close the year on a high note, since year 2010 have already proposed! I want to thank mega supliment body, and Orlando Audicon Paschoal the support!

Good for him.He spammed the forum on more threads then Tapout Radio.

Giudici that will fight and very good ... and a good fighter so needed this pace. fighting with attendance he will win it all! a great fighter and it's fan and had the pleasure to meet you here in the U.S. and a charismatic person and a good work! Good luck Giudici, I'm sure will be a success in Canada!

 I'd love to see Giudici debate Dehghani.

good luck giudici to fight in canada!!!

 Be careful what you seel Giudici... Evans is a bad bad man. 

KenP -  Be careful what you seel Giudici... Evans is a bad bad man. 

 Evans is weak to BJJ-type pokemon

Go for the triangle Marcelo!

crowbar - Good for him.He spammed the forum on more threads then Tapout Radio.

spammed or trying to get work?

Good luck Giudici!!

 Good luck Giudici!!!

Hello ken pavia the one that has to have very much elegant is doug evans vos you do not know what talk!!!

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Yo Lucero, I’m really happy for you and imma gonna let you finish but… ENGLISH is the greatest language of ALL TIME!!


Glad to have you on the card Marcelo!

thanks..all people for attention and support in MMA.Com
Thank so much!!!

Glad to see Marcelo getting some fights.

I am also glad to see that this value danto giudici him as a great fighter and I think the best of Brazil in the category of 145lb! Always fighting and spectacular view ... I see the videos and I'm impressed!
good luck giudici.