Giudici signs MMA Canada


hello giudici will know where that is going to fight like to see! please leave a link to see it .... good luck!

Good luck Giudici.

Giudici is great Fight 145 division


Giudici is great Fight 145 division!!!! good luck giudici you is the big fighter!!

this is the better Giudici is big fighter!!! good luck!!

look giudici training in argentina...

 Awesome video

Good luck on your upcoming fight

Shirt looks nice, Please send me one!


Place your bets ... who won??
30% for Evans and 70% for giudici!



seminário na Argentina 04/10/09-

I'm trainning right now with Legends Training center team and Rodrigo Resende on my  jiu-jitsu!

Edmonton canada!!

 Good news!



Ttt for giudici

I wonder how will the training of Marcelo Giudici in Canada? I know that this training at Legends gym, I would like to see pictures or videos! Giudici Good luck!