Giudici signs MMA Canada

Video giudici look at PFC ... to me he won the fight...Good luck in Canada you are a samurai!

this video looked very good ... Anybody know how to put video on here? would be great!

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  • TTT for Marcelo!!

    giudici good luck! I'm your fan USA this with you! good fight in Canada.

     On ppv on only $4.99.

    thanks aggressionI will go watch!

    I know that weighing was a success ... giudici weighed 144 pounds and 145.8 pounds Doug Evans and weights was New York club. Very well organized! Aggression Congratulations!

     I'm in Canada in Edmonton training hard for my fight MMA on 24 Oct, training in the Legends training center received me open doors with training muay Thai with Marcus Noah  that the second best fighter in Muay Thai Hong Kong and Rodrigo Resende giving an attention training jiu-jitsu and Kevin Mcgillivry boxe.I'm happy because the training here are strong gratfull God and now I go to get a victory! In his spare time working as a managerfechei fight for Fighter Erivaldo Gomes who will fight Muay Thai in Argentina 25 oct  that will be representing Brazil. And so there we search in the title!

    ttt....good luck!! win

    is something wrong ... Giudici athlete and a fighter would never be prevented from fighting! Well, the event, and again and had some losses, and not giudici lucky, lucky and had been Doug Evans would be killed, had a fight with Marcelo Giudici!

    I hope that fight in the next event as he and a great fighter and a show!

    TTT for results on the fight