Giuliani Suspended In New York

Because of course he is. When you run around lying to the courts and wasting everyone’s time with frivolous bullshit, the bill eventually comes due. Fuck that idiot.

Sure he doesn’t care, because he was doing it to pay bills in the first place. Hawking shitty products on a podcast doesn’t cover all of the suits and cigars.

From the nations mayor to melting hair.

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen someone sell their integrity so completely. It’s like he sold it, then wrang it out three or four more times to get every last drop.


You need to pay closer attention to politics then… Giuliani is just doing what politicians do and have always done.

I think I do. I really don’t think I’ve ever watched some go from such noble beginnings to just complete shitbag on his level. I really don’t. Does anyone respect him at this point? Look at pictures of him now. Doesn’t even look like he respects himself.

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There’s been others before him and will be others to come… His example is just amplified due to the media’s TDS.

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Name one.

He never recovered from Ron Paul beating him down in the 08 Republican debate.

i think if the media did their Jobs … biden would be on Rudy’s level of embarrassment.

they coddle one while tearing the other apart

Rudy has made some mistakes but nothing like the media portrays

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In time, his reputation will be restored. This judgment is dangerous and outrageous.

Trump hires and fires only the best.

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I think he threw away his reputation for good Q2 ‘18, but this suspension will hold only through the next hearing if his defense makes a proper case to have it overturned.

Dude, this didn’t happen overnight and it wasn’t the medias fault. He spent the last twenty years selling out. The day he left public office in 2002 it was just one shit stain after another.

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Giuliani is the best thing to happen to NYC in recent decades, and he is, wait for it, a LAWYER. They dont get paid to judge people based on their own ethics. Unfortunately for him, he has the whole Dem swamp willing to ruin him due to his association with Trump, whether they have a reason or not. Im sure he’ll be fine and has plenty of skeletons in is closet, but the idea that he or anyone can be called out for ethical issues by the party that weaponized the FBI against Trump’s campaign is laughable.


He threw away his reputation when he hitched his name to Suzy Orman, jack welch, an DJT back in the early 2000s selling leadership seminars.

He was a terrific public servant. He became a scumbag almost the second he left 20 years ago.

Trump should kick his ass.

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He was a lawyer first, which means he was always a scumbag, just like 99% of career politicians. I love the mental gymnastics Dems need in order to differentiate between their scumbags and others so they can justify illegally victimizing them. Sometimes scumbags can do a good job, sometimes they dont care to do anything.

He was a public prosecutor and atty gen. He put bad guys away. He was a good dude.

He’s bad, but Bernie gives him a run. His supporters just don’t want to admit it.