Giuliani Suspended In New York

Bernie still has supporters. What does Rudy have?

In order to be a prosecutor, you have to be a lawyer first, which means you are already a piece of shit human. You think he followed all the rules as a prosecutor? Because Dems arent smart enough to put facts over their feelings, they cant comprehend how a scumbag can do good things and be right on issues. This is why Trump broke their minds.

I disagree completely. Being a lawyer doesn’t make you a scumbag. That’s just resentment and a lack of understanding of the profession talking

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I come from a family of lawyers and judges, including a NY State Supreme Court judge, dumbass. They may be family and good to me in some cases, but they themselves laugh about what scumbags they and all lawyers are. Of course, they are Dems, but its true of all.

His reputation will never be restored. He marched into courtroom after courtroom and sounded like a conspiratard repeatedly. He removed any doubt that he was a total fucktard.

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Trump is a retarded fat old man who isn’t kicking anyone’s ass.

What an interesting fantasy world you Trumptards live in.

I don’t have any proof, but it sure looked like all he cared about was getting money and attention last year. I think he was rewarded to “defend” and “support” Trump while not getting anything done.

As do I. No judges but lawyers. Mostly corporate. One scumbag, the rest are salt of the Earth. I guess my family is just better than yours.

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Maybe someone should have warned Rudy that aligning with Trump to help the ex-president try to overthrow an election with arguments based on complete bullshit wouldn’t turn out well for him. You’d think as a smart man he would’ve figured that out on his own, regardless of his real motivation.

Like the book title says, everything Trump touches he destroys.

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They probably are better than mine, but its true that if there is a place a lawyer might not have to be a scumbag in the sense that he is directly harming people or the world, its corporate law. There are lots of different types of work there and they need a lot of cogs to run the machine. I have one cousin in corporate law and he is more or less a regular guy who just likes to fuck anything that moves. The rest describe their job and selves as less than honorable and rationalize it as a necessary evil, and any elected or appointed position a lawyer ends up in requires being a piece of shit to obtain. I can describe it with examples if you want to be bored. You’re just lucky youve lived the sheltered life of a rich boy and never saw it.

So what are we arguing about exactly?

I explained that Giuliani and all people in his position and all lawyers in general are necessarily scumbags, you countered that you know corporate lawyers and the ones you know are “mostly good people”, and I explained how limited your perception of lawyers is. You dont want to know what Rudy and anyone else had to do to get to be in the position he was in to make NYC a better place, just like none of us wants to know how the delicious sausage we eat is made. Dems are just too immature and privileged to understand that a scumbag can do good things and because of that cannot look at their own reps as the scumbags they are and still support them, so they dont look.

Just shut the fuck up with your brain-dead generalizations.

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Great retort from someone with obvious knowledge and experience!

As a member of the NY Bar, good.

This IS his reputation. There is no coming back from this:


Don’t forget the farting!

he repeatedly stated what was fact. That the election was the most corrupt event in modern history.

Its just that the dems have the power. You know the dems, the political party for the Klan.