Give Cro Cop his Purple Belt.

I couldn't believe how solid his defense was on the ground.

Unreal how he always got back to guard.

Yes, I know he gassed and yes, I know Fedor deserved the decision, but Cro Cop has still come a long way.

I smell a rematch sometime next year.

His defense looks like all he has been practicing for this fight. It may have looked tight but his offense is nonexistant.

I am not sure what kind of offense you would expect the most experienced purple to mount against Fedor, even from within their guard. Nog has prolly the best heavyweight guard out there (very agressive and busy). He is a world-class BJJ black belt, and never came close to subbing Fedor in either of their fights. Not that I could judge Mirko's BJJ from that fight, but saying that he doesn't deserve a purple belt because he could not mount an offense against Fedor is a little off.

You know how low BJJ has fallen when a loss to a Judo/Sambo guy is cause for promotion.


Is he BJJ? No! He's Law Enforcement Jiujitsu!!!


A BJJ Purple belt would apply the triangle choke when an opponent fell into it....

"A BJJ Purple belt would apply the triangle choke when an opponent fell into it...."

You would think that a certain BJJ Black belt would have been able to do that also, but it did not happen.

Maybe we should start giving boxers belts too.

I agree, give him his belts

lol, well actually he has a bb in kyokushin karate. Thats where his standup comes from (kicks and knee wise), combined with his boxing. Still, he has a ways to go before getting purple (though as gifted as he is he'll be there in a year if he really wants it).

Tubarao clearly has some sand in in his vagina today.

Poor baby :(

Whatever you say Sandy.

considering bjj was originally designed to be a defensive martial art in a nhb situation. The original bjj guys actually include nhb situations like how to avoid getting hit as part of the promotion process. Because of that I would agree with fabes that a belt promotion could come from a fight thats not nessisarilly sport bjj.

I'm pretty sure he wouldn't give a shit about getting a purple or polkadot belt

Tubarao, did your boyfriend dump you or something?

A purple belt for not being hit as much adn going for one submission?Man I bet in your system of BBJ everyone could get a BB in like two years.

3 years imo.

cc was great at guard punch defense, upkicks, and getting guard back, blocking mount