Give em hell Lil Evil.

I just thought it was about time to fire this bandwagon up and wish the little evil all kinds of luck fighting Cole Escovedo this weekend in AC. He doesn't need luck, skilled fighters rarely do. I predict a really good fight that ends with Jens standing, and Cole... well... not.

TTT Little Evil


Lil Evil Rules Damnit!

ttt for lil evil

ttt for both

Kick his ass seabass! Lil' bit O' Evil never hurt anyone. Cole has a awakening coming for him this weekend, look for Jens to win in spectacular fashion on IFL opening show!


Best of luck. We Will be ruten for you back at MFS in Bettendorf.

Good luck Jens.

go hard Jens

ttt for Lil Evil!

up for evil

Kick some ass Jens!!!!

Kick some ass Jens!!!!


Watching the way this guy fights has converted me. GO JENS!

this will be on a whole different level for cole.

show the youngster how it's done, jens

I have been, and always will be, on the Jens Pulver bandwagon!!! :)

Go Jens GO!!!!

TTT for pulver!!