Give em hell Lil Evil.


After seeing wild haymakers from Faber give Cole hell... Jens standup will be way too much

No need to fire up the bandwagon,just jump on.Some of us have been on it for years now.

TTT 4 Lil Evil!

i forgot about this...will it be recorded or televised?

Kick Ass Jens!

Pulver fan here.

best of luck to jens...i'm a big fan.



Jens is the shit and needs to be back in the UFC since 155 is back. ZUFFA MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Little Evil in the U.S. again is great, I don't have to fly all the way to Tokyo to watch this one. Who else is going?

TTT 4 Cole.

defiantly a jens fan

TTT for jens

Wish I could make it... kick ass Jens!

One of my top 5 favorites. Give 'em EVIL!



Yes he did just lose to Faber.

ttt for little evil

ttt for jens

good luck Jens