Give Lauzon Props thread!

ConGratz Man!!!

TTT this thread!

I have anywayz been a Fan, it was great to see him strive in the UFC

good win for JOe and well deserved Hope to see him back again soon That said I hope Jens gets another chance as well to fight again for UFC

Hell yeah Joe!!

joe is a great athlete... and his fight or fights like itare what make the sport so damn great. thx for the finish joe that was great made my fucking week!

I was just as impressed with Lauzon's post fight interview as I was with the actual fight. Very calm, collected and respectful with his comments to Rogan, the majority of ufc veterans should take note.


awesome video ,thanks

Joe's sick...and it's been known for a long time...glad to see the rest of the world give him the props he deserves...

ttt for Joe and a fellow New Englander!

Ya Joe I will eat crow! I am a huge L'il Evil fan! Hats off dude you are a tuff SOB!

huge that a boy

I to did not know you or think you could get it done

..inserts foot in mouth now..

big props to Joe.

Totally TTT!

I looked at his record and his opponents before the Jens fight and I didn't think he had a shot in Hell!

It took Gomi like 7 minutes to KO Pulver, it took Lauzon less than a minute.

Awesome performance.

Props! I knew Joe had some crazy leglocks but that was some good, powerful and reachy striking to go with it! Good stuff

What's up with all those assholes taking pot shots at you after you subbed them in those back yard mma fights?