Give me a good horror movie to watch.

I find myself sitting here quite bored and I feel like finally getting into the Halloween spirit. I've seen most of the classics so,OG, I call upon you to give me some good,but not so well known horror movies to watch tonight.

For your trouble.

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Have you seen the Conjuring yet? Or any of del toro's stuff, The Devil's Backbone or The Orphanage.

MDF tm - creepshow2 Phone Post 3.0

second this. the raft is awesome


here are my top ones

1) the howling

2) ghost story

3) sinister

4) body double

5) session 9


these are all quality

Drag Me To Hell Phone Post 3.0

Lovely Molly - Netflix

Trick 'r Treat

the notebook ?

Event horizon Phone Post


i liked event horizon

Emperor Nero - i liked event horizon

I think it was a very underrated movie. It had some very disturbing imagery with a good sci fi plot. Sam Neil was great. Phone Post

Sinister had me freaked Phone Post 3.0

The Descent

Mihow - Just finished The Conjuring

exactly old school 'exorcist' like movie


Don't fuck with me. Are you serious??

I haven't seen it yet so...

Yeah The Conjuring is legit. Phone Post

Ended up watching The Conjuring and yes it was very good. I think I may watch Sinister or The Orphanage tonight.

The devils backbone Phone Post

Juijitsuboxer - Lovely Molly - Netflix

. Phone Post