Give me amazing things to buy on EBAY and I’ll buy them

I will buy them shits right now!!

  1. It must be something valuable (collectible). Can’t just be like a used sock or broken wrench.

  2. It must be between 10 to 250 dollars.

  3. It must be interesting to others. So just because you’re a Trekkie doesn’t mean other people are. Spocks phaser may not be interesting to me or others.

  4. I’ll buy what interests me and what others nudge to buy.

Diamond studded dildo.

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That’ll do.

A sub par knife

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No usage come on!!

Sports memorabilia

Comic books

Old knives

Something of value

Oh good idea

Buy a 3 card monte kit and I’ll teach you how to run a crooked game.

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A camel toe panty, and you will probably use it. Double benefit.

Bought this bad boy

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A Damascus folder and a 3 card monte deck

What’s next?

Is there a strip club in your town? If you’re running a crooked game strip clubs are the best target area. Set up in a alley nearby. You wanna get drunkards. They’re stupid and easy to trick!

Do they sell dignity or integrity on there?


Hey how’s it going sakalicious, hope the emu’s are behaving

Bukkaked by bombers here…well the names Tits now

Megalodon teeth!

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30 day returns huh?

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29 sold. OP could be # 30.